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Saturday, September 1, 2012

How About the Magic Jack for Your New Internet Phone Service

Nowadays more and more people are giving up their expensive land line phone service and trying the much more cost effective VoIP phone services. There are quite a few internet phone services to choose from, it just depends on your needs and just how much you want to save. 

I am here to talk about the Magic Jack because I am a believer in this great little internet phone service do to the fact that I have not paid a monthly phone bill in five years now. I have saved more than $500.00 the 1st year on my phone service by taking a chance with the Magic Jack and now thousands since then.

Just imagine paying less for a full year of local and long distance calling then one month with a standard landline. It started out the yearly renewal fee was $19.95 but is now $29.95 due to improvements and upgrades. 

Many people report that the call quality, in most cases, they can’t tell the difference from their old landline. I am one of them. After four years call quality has gotten better and better and I am still using the original Magic Jack I got from their website in February 2008. I was skeptical about the Magic Jack but it was so inexpensive that I had to try it, plus it had a 30 day trial period, what was there to lose. 

In the beginning the call quality was a little shaky as it was/is with all VoIP internet phone services. As with any technology improvement comes with time, ask your grandparents about party lines.
What I know about the Magic Jack is that over the years they have worked out the bugs because I can’t remember when the last time I had any trouble. Where you run into most trouble is computer related, once you understand this you can avoid most problems.

When I talk about the Magic Jack I try and stress that just because it is cheap to own doesn’t make it a cheap phone service or low quality. This phone service works just as your landline did other than all of your calls are free. Your phone rings, has a dial tone and you can call any normal phone without restrictions.

When it comes to low cost internet phone service the MagicJack phone is about the cheapest you can get and not lose great features of a normal phone service.